You've probably heard me say on stream several times that I'm a musician. Mostly, I'm a drummer, but occasionally Iplay bass.

You may have also heard me say something along the lines of "I have an album out, you know."

Well, here it is, you can buy it on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and probably a bunch of other places that sell digital downloads.

Go ahead, make me a rock star! 

Rooftop Farmers

Pyridine Piranha


Every Thursday, at 17:30 (UK local time) I take up a seat behind my drum kit and play through songs either to my own practice playlist or to songs requested by viewers.

Sometimes we'll kill the lights and play by LED Drumsticks, sometimes it gets even sillier than that.
Whatever we're playing, however is all physiotherapy and rehabilitation from my bike accident and the TBI it's left me with.
Put the requests in, and let's play cool music together.