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The IC Info

Most Squadrons come from honourable, high ranking families, or strong military backgrounds; we're regular folks banding together for our own strength and safety. We're miners, hauliers, and we're explorers. our homes are in danger, not just from the Thargoids, although they are a concern and a worry, but also from the profiteers, opportunists, and pirates that are making civlians lives hell because the Thargoid War is taking our normal protections away to fight at the front lines.


The OOC Info

Having played too long in a Squadron that was doing little, I decided to set up my own, and almost instantly we grew to 11, 12,  and 13 (and we're still growing) . I built a story around the new squadron to give ourselves some 'flavour text.

We're a PvE group, and our play still are reflected in the Squadron origins, we welcome new players and help them get to grips with the game and gear themselves up.

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