Welcome to my home-from-home on the internet.

I'm a husband, dad, and gamer and I stream games at twitch.tv/nitebytes

I’m arguably middle-aged, depending on which definition you look at; the US Census lists it as 35-44 and 45-54, while Oxford English dictionary lists it as ”The period of life between young adulthood and old age, now usually regarded as between about forty-five and sixty.” Psychologists say it’s from around 40 to 65. So on that there’s no clear agreement.

Now, where was, oh, yes, I’m arguably middle aged, but distinctly a gamer.

I've gamed in one form or another since I Was a kid - gaming isn't just video games; it's board games, war games, roleplaying games, live-action games.

I still game now, I'm older, and slower than I was, but I still have  the sense of fun I used to have, and I bring that to games on twitch.

I also have a huge love of music, and so for as many games as I'm able to I bring a good range of music, and ask my viewers to request songs while they watch. 

Some games might have great in-game music, or a number of cut scenes, in which case I may not run the 'jukebox' but mostly, the jukebox will be live!

A surefire schedule is ... challenging, and somewhat random, due to real life taking precedence over playing games.

I'm a single dad with a day job, streaming is my hobby, and a passion, but real life duties must come first.

However I try to make these times to stream

Please note, all times are in the UK Timezone (GMT / BST depending on season):

Tuesday- 1730(ish)

Thursday - 1730(ish) 
Friday - 1830(ish)

Saturday - 1830 (ish)

Other times I may make random 'ninja' streams.
so keep an eye on my twitter feed.

As I get used to this I hope to publish a more defined schedule...