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I'm a member of a gaming community that calls itself Hobbygamers INTernatinal (HINT for short) , founded by FishnotGhoti and Druttercup.

As a community we have use of their Discord server, so feel free to drop in and join the peanut gallery whenever I'm streaming.

HINT is making use of this service to provide text and speech communications between members of the HINT family. Differing Channels on the Hobbygamers INTernational server allow differing activities so please be aware of what you may and may not do and work with us to keep FOG a fun and welcoming place for gamers of all stripes.

In order to actually speak in a Voice Channel you will need someone to assign you a suitable role, however anyone can use text chat in the #General Channel so that should be your first stop unless you already know someone associated with FOG who can help you jump in faster.

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